Don't you hate when a moment passes by without a souvenir of its joy and beauty? The danger of wanting to hold these memories in images is that we too often become bystanders to our own lives, by trying to be our own documentarians, only half enjoying our parties, day trips, nights out, because we're trying to ensure we can revisit them. 

By booking me, a GSA educated visual artist, to document your hang outs and events, you can ensure that your loved ones will be able to laugh at your terrible haircuts for years  to come, without fear of being absent in your own narrative.

Please use the contact page to drop me an email, and we can talk about how we can collaborate to make some art out of your everyday. 


Per hour: £10

Per photo with basic editing (fixing lighting, cropping...): £1

Per photo with creative editing (emotive colouring, collage, multiple exposure effect...): £3

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