Now, Dika, weave the aniseed together, flower and stem,
With your soft hands, crown yourself with a lovely diadem,
Because the blessed graces Grand gifts to the garlanded,
And snub the worshipper with no flowers on her head. 

Choirstaidh Iona McArthur is a Glasgow-based visual artist, working in drawing, performance, installation, illustration, digital and traditional collage, film, sound, and writing.  
McArthur's work explores, among other themes, feminist spirituality; nostalgia; performative gender; the notion of home; social media; cult behaviour; girlhood and womanhood; the female gendered experience; the landscape of Scotland; and Celtic/Scottish/Irish mythology and folklore.
She is in the founder of blossoming publishing company PEACHESPUBLISHING which launched in September 2018. PP is a platform for self identifying women and lgbtqia+ people to celebrate, analyse, and reject femininity through zine collaboration, print editions, podcasting, and events. You can keep up to date with the company's activity by subscribing to their mailing list and following their instagram.
McArthur's education within the arts includes an Upper Second in BAHons Fine Art Painting and Printmaking from the Glasgow School of Art, Glasgow (2018); a completed portfolio from the Tramway Visual Arts Studio, Glasgow (2015); an A in HNC Fine Art Portfolio from the Paisley Campus of West College Scotland (2015)
You can find her interview with for the 'Miscellanea' series by GUST here.
Her Patreon launches January 13th 2019.

Upcoming/on-going exhibitions/performances:
9/18 - 19 - Aon Community Art Award @ Leadenhall Building, London
16/05 - Aon Community Art Award Auction, London

Past exhibitions/performances:
21/12/18 - Winter Solstice Dinner and Gaylee @ Glasgow Autonomous Space (sound piece based performance)
23/11/18 - 'Rooted' an exhibition by Where People Sleep @ 49 West Princes Street
16/7 - 17/8/18 - 'Best of Degree Show 2018' @ Six Foot Gallery, Glasgow
1/6 - 8/6/18 - Glasgow School of Art Degree Show @ Tontine Building (installation piece featuring digital multimedia work) 
15/3/18 - Tonight Matthew... - The Art School (solo drag performance at club event)
15/7/17 - Pop Up Shop @ Trudi Lang and Megan Ansdell's Wild and Kind Studio (group pop up with Jodie McLernon, Sophie Pieroni)
1/5/17 - Material Girl @ Stereo/Old Hairdressers' (large group show)
20/4/17 - Series 3 @ The Glue Factory (GSA y3 painting and printmaking show)
20/10/16 - Working Girl - 42 Dalhousie Street (Group show featuring Claire McGinlay, Arvinda Gray, Laura Roxby, Choirstaidh McArthur)
5/10/16 - PEACHFUZZ @ Glad Cafe (zine launch night)
10/6/16 - 25% Extra @ Laurieston Arches (GSA y2 fine art protest-show)
26/5/16 - Let's Limbo @ SWG3 (large group show)
5/5/16 - PAT tested @ GSA (GSA y2 painting and printmaking show)
28/1/16 - CHUTSEE Initiation @ The Art School, Space 1 (solo performance)

Contact Choirstaidh McArthur to enquire about the availability and price of these pieces, and about commissions!

All prints as a policy only exist once in each of the following sizes: A4, A3, A2, A1. If the size desired has been sold previously, it will unfortunately not be possible to create a "copy". This is a choice that the artist has made in order to ensure that each customer receives an individual, special piece of work and not something mass-printed. These digital collages are the equivalent of a painting or a drawing in this respect, this is to say that the piece you purchase is the art piece, rather than just a print of an art piece. Coming in summer 2019, McArthur will be making a range of gift cards of new and altered work, these will be the first of her pieces available in this volume.

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